Introducing the latest in remote satellite technology. The Kymeta U8 satellite terminal provides portable high speed internet anywhere in Australia. The team at Remote Site Technologies, has been testing these units for a few of months and has now purchased a number of terminals to join our hire fleet.


If you require high speed internet in remote Australia that can be easily moved and requires very little setup, the U8 is going to be the right solution for you.


  • Extremely Portable (60Kg including protective case)
  • Rapid Deployment - Online within 4 minutes of being powered up
  • Highligh Portable - Can be moved multiple times a day if required
  • Roof Mountable - Able to be mounted on a roof of a vechile or trailer
  • Low Profile - 14 cm high & 89.5cm long


Configuration Options:

The U8 can be configured a number of ways depending on the job description. Currently RST has both options available to hire or buy.

GO Configuration - Hard Case


 The Kymeta U8 GO in a hard-case weights in at approximately  60KG and is 111cm long by 111cm wide x 38cm high. This size and weight makes the terminal easily portable and small enough to fit in the back of any SUV or Ute for easy portability. Along with the main unit, RST will supply a routing kit which include Wi-Fi.

To setup the internet on site, the user just needs remove the lid of the U8. Connect the U8 to power and connect the U8 to the routing box provided. Once both the U8 and the routing box have power. The terminal will automatically find the satellite and self configure for use. The routing box will than produce a Wi-Fi network for connectivity.

Vehicle Mounted -

 The vehicle mounts Kymeta option can be hired or purchased. Please note that the terminal will need to be professionally installed so the minimum hire period is 3 months.

The Kymeta terminal is designed to be mount on a moving vehicle or train thanks to it's low profile and aerodynamic design. The terminal boasts and IP 66 rating which can handle powerful jets of water or heavy seas. Please note the terminal is not designed to sit in pooling water.

If you would like to secure your system for this year, please complete our internet hire inquiry form and one of our staff with be in touch shortly. The form can be located HERE