Your Satellite Phone Hire Kit Consists of - 

Hand Held Iridium Satellite Phone Hire Kit

  1. Iridium handheld satellite phone
  2. Connection to the Iridium Satellite Network 
  3. 240v AC Charger 
  4. 12v DC Car Charger 
  5. External magnetic based antenna and adaptor
  6. Operators instruction guide
  7. Small Pelican Case for protection of phone for freighting or bushwalking with

    Hire Fees

    Satellite Phone Hire Kit

    Iridium Satellite Phone Hire Rates come down in price to $6.00 per day for long term hires
    Minimum Hire Period - Seven Days.
    Hire Period 4 weeks or greater - phone 0407808080 or submit an enquiry form
    Business, Corporate and Government clients please phone for quoted rates. No hire time is charged while phones are in transit.

    Delivery & Return Costs

    Pick up / Drop off across Australia with start & finish location to suit you - $20 each way.
    Only applicable if freight is required.

    Iridium Pricing Structure - Call Rates

    Calls made from the Iridium Satellite Phone to any Standard Australian Mobile Phone or Landline telephone:
     Outgoing Call Cost $2.00 /minute
     Incoming Call Cost FREE
     SMS $0.50/per message
    No charge for incoming calls or text messages
    Note: Calls to other types of satellite phones can be very costly – up to $26 a minute.
    If travelling in a group use the same type of phone – to save the calling between satellite phones

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    Adventurers Satellite Hire Kit

    From $6.00 per day.
    Perfect for limited space and weight.

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    Standard Satellite Hire Kit

    From $6.00 per day.
    Iridium Kit suitable for most applications.

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    Thuraya XT Lite Satellite Phone

    From $4.00 per day
    Great Northern Australia Hire Phone.

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    Hire or buy your satellite phone with the assurance of complete coverage of land and sea. Connected to Telstra Mobile Satellite on the Iridium Network.