UHF radios are a versatile hire option for groups of people who require short distance communications between groups or individuals at a no cost communication. UHF radios operate on a line-of-sight principle, meaning the radio signal is directly between UHF radios. UHF radios have different channels depending on the use and location. Typically a club may select Channel 10 as there standard operating channel.

Typical hires include school groups, outdoor clubs and government departments. The UHF radio is a compact unit that fits easily into your hand and will provide you with constant communication in virtually all conditions.


Uniden UH720SX Hire Radios!

The Uniden UH720SX has a range of up to 10 kms depending on varying factors such terrain and climatic conditions.

We also provide a range of accessories, 240v charger, car charger, handheld microphone that can also be included in the hire kit.

Remember that unlike a satellite phone you are broadcasting on a public network and other users may be able to hear your discussions.

Hire Rates

UHF Hire Kit Rates

Hire period 2 weeks or greater - phone 0407808080 or submit an enquiry form.
No hire time is charged while kits are in transit.

Delivery & Return Costs

Pick up / Drop off across Australia with start & finish location to suit you - $20 each way.
Only applicable if freight is required.

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