Remote Satellite Internet VSAT - Auto Aligning Unit

Sale price$39,000.00


If you are looking to the ultimate remote data solution, VSAT is the technology you require. VSAT has the ability to deliver speeds up to as fast as NBN in the city and can maintain a 99.99% uptime. A standard VSAT installation normally requires an experienced installer to come to site for the install. If you have a project where you will need to move your camp / office constantly, and require high speed broadband. The Self Aligning VSAT units is the perfect solution. Built to be moved around remote Australia and only requiring A/C power, the RST Auto Aligning VSAT solution can be up and have internet to your camp within minutes of your team arriving on site.

Full training is available and units can be hired if your project is for less than 12 months.

Not sure if VSAT is right for your job, read our helpful guide HERE