Mobile Satellite Internet.


Over the last 20 years, people are becoming increasingly reliant on staying connected to the internet. As more companies now use cloud based application for the day to day running of operation, stay connected when you leave mobile coverage can mean loose of productive which intern leads to the lose of profits. Keeping people connected to the internet while in remote Australia is the biggest problem that Remote Site Technologies solves every day. Depending on your needs and wants, will determine the right solution for you.


To stay connected to the internet at the moment when you leave mobile phone coverage, staff will be required to either carry or mount a satellite data terminal. Satellite data terminals range from $4,000 up to $11,000 and weight around 1.5-2KG’s. The terminals can be either portable and carried in your laptop bag or can be mounted on the roof of a car or truck, which includes an inbuild antenna.


The cost of portable satellite data has dropped dramatically over the last 3 years, however most people who are used to the cost of mobile phone data would still find it expensive for everyday uses. Sadly, streaming video and other uses for the internet which are not work based, will be unaffordable for most every day travelers. That being said, there are still a number of benefits to being able to connect to the internet for work purposes.  Recently we had a customer who traveled into remote Australia to conduct inspections and repairs for 2-3 weeks at a time. Most of the companies he was working for, require 30-45 day payment terms. By the time our client traveled home and invoiced his customers, he would be waiting the 30-45 day payment terms plus the 2-3 weeks while he was out of mobile phone coverage. This could mean he was waiting up to 2+ months for payment.


The solution to enable him to get paid faster, was a BGAN Explorer 510 portable data terminal. By having mobile satellite internet on site while conducting inspections and repairs, enabled our customer to invoice customers the same day and get paid up to 21 days faster. The faster payments, enabled him to grow his business faster and he now has 3 staff who all use the Explorer 510 to invoice instantly after completing a job.


If you would like to know more about how mobile satellite internet can help you grow your business, please contact one of our helpful staff.