When working or traveling in outback Western Australia (WA) having access to communications has become a critical aspect of work and everyday living. With less than 27% of Western Australia having mobile phone coverage, more and more people working or traveling in the remote regions outside of the major towns like Broome, Kunnunurra & Halls creek rely on Satellite based communication solutions.

Satellite phones & satellite Internet devices have long been thought of as being expensive and out of the reach of everyday Australian's. This has changed allot over the last 5 years, the price to rent a sat phone and or mobile satellite internet has enormously decreased as the prices of satellite phones is now under $1000 to purchase outright.

The questions we are often asked, is should i buy or should i hire my satellite phone or satellite internet unit? Unfortunately not one size fits all, however here are the questions you should ask yourself before choosing to hire your satellite phone or buy.

1. Is your need for a satellite phone or mobile satellite internet device for 1 trip or will they be used multiple times in a year?

2. If you think you will be using the sat phone or portable satellite multiple times, will they be used in the same state (EG Western Australia, Queensland).

3. How long are you planning on traveling.

One critical question we will always ask customers is, "Where are you traveling that you need to be able to use a satellite phone or portable satellite internet". At least 80% of the time, people will answer "All over Australia". Unknown to people who don't deal with satellite technology everyday, is the fact that there are different satellite networks that you can buy devices to connect too. These satellite networks all own there own satellite and they all operate a little differently when it comes to getting a satellite signal.  This means that depending on where you will spend the most of your time traveling, will determine which network and or device we would recommend.

For example, if someone was traveling all over Australia however lived in Victoria. When they have finished there trip around Australia, they might choose to camp in the high country every 3rd or 4th weekend. As the customer is spending more time in southern Australia, I would want that customer to highly consider a satellite phone or portable satellite internet terminal which performs best in Southern Australia. All of the satellite networks will work all over Australia, however some will perform better in certain regions.

Buying or renting, we have a solution that works for you and your situation. One of our knowledgeable team can discuss your needs and suggest weather buying or renting is going to be best.