If you are looking to run a business from Outback Australia, giving your staff access to the internet has quickly become a must over the last 5 years. Satellite Internet Wi-Fi hotspots and temporary satellite internet solutions have become a mainstay for a large number of our mining & business customers. We have also started seeing gray nomads, who are self funded needing to stay connected while traveling around Australia.

Recently we were contacted by a long time customers who had 3 contracts for work around Western Australia. One in the Great Sandy Desert, one on the north end of the Great Northern Highway and the last job was in the Pilbara. The customer had 10 staff that would stay on site and require access to the satellite internet day and night. However there exploration camp would move every 7-8 weeks. Normally when working with customers at a fixed location, we could install a single satellite internet dish that once pointed at the satellite, doesn't need to be touch. However with the customer moving so regularly, we needed to deploy one of our portable satellite internet trailers.

The trailer is a perfect solution for people who require satellite broadband, however move regularly. The satellite internet communications trailer only requires power and to be located on a level surfers. Once all powered up and turned on, the trailer will then automatically connect to the satellite network and create a satellite wi-fi hotspot. All of this can happen in under 10 minutes of arriving on site. Very little training is required and if any issue arise, the customer can use the satellite phone rented to contact our support team. 

No matter if you are traveling around outback Australia for pleasure or work or both, we have a range of rental satellite internet hire & sales solutions for you. Contact one of our support team today on 1300 869 371 to find out more.