Remote Site Technologies ( is excited to announce our newest partnership with Yabby Sensors. Yabby Sensors & Consulting Sensors ( are Australia’s leading experts for providing satellite low powered remote IoT sensors, cameras, and pump controls. The need to monitor different aspects of our customers' worksite and locations, led us to find the most innovative sensor company in Australia.


Remote camera monitoring
Yabby Sensors help us provide solutions for complex problems, to help increase the efficacy of our customers' use of water and other liquids around their sites. With the help of Steve Dudgeon, managing director at Yabby Sensors, we have been able to develop a range of satellite connected cameras to provide images from anywhere in the Australian outback. Feedback from our customers has always been the same. They want both photo evidence and digital sensor levels. Photos are able to provide additional situational awareness that a sensor read out can never provide. With the cost of satellite data decreasing, we see the future of remote monitoring in the Australian outback to be driven by solutions like the one Yabby sensors have developed with our input.
Yabby’s range of remote monitoring solutions helps to provide our broad range of remote customers with more data regarding their site and machinery, which allows for better informed decisions. The remote sensors are just another product we are now providing to our remote and rural customers.
Remote Site Technologies also provide a wide range of cost-effective satellite connected communications services including handheld communication devices, Push-to-Talk solutions, managed broadband data terminals, TV entertainment services, remote monitoring systems and supply purpose-built portable site satellite communication solutions