Hire - Skid Mounted VSAT Satellite Internet Solution - Cobham Explorer 8120

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The Cobham Explorer 7120 Satellite Internet Solution mounts on a steal rugged Skid provides a portable easy to setup VSAT Internet solution for either buying or hiring.

The Remote Site Technologies (RST) portable Satellite VSAT Skid solution comes standard with built in Wi-Fi and an automatic satellite finder. Once configured and setup, you will have high speed satellite internet for your staff anywhere in Australia. Designed to be moved regularly, the Skid option is perfect for operations which might need to move every 8-10 weeks.



Before hiring the terminal, a communications box is supplied for the electronics equipment. Best to install in the office building closest to where the terminal will be placed.

Once the cage is removed, the terminal only needs connected to 3 cables coming from the indoor equipment.

Communications indoor equipment uses standard 240 volts power.

Once connected your dish will automatically lock onto the predefined satellite and provide satellite internet with in 5 mins of powering up the Satellite Internet Equipment.


  • Auto Deploy Satellite Internet
  • Operate in Winds up to 92 km/h
  • built in Wi-Fi
  • Dish Stow Height - 38 cm


  • Dish Size - 1.2m Auto Deploy Ku-Band Satellite Internet Dish
  • Dish: Single-Piece Resin Fiber Composite
  • Dish weight : 66KG (minus skid or cage)